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The first step in applying for our programs is to learn about each program. By clicking above, you can learn about both of our programs, Public Housing and Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8).


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Frequently Asked Questions about Applying

What is the difference in your programs?
NIRHA currently administers two programs: Public Housing and Section 8. To learn more about Public Housing, you can go to the information page here or download the brochure here. To learn more about the Section 8 program, you can go to the information page here or download the brochure here.


Public Housing properties are owned by NIRHA and the Authority manages and leases the properties. Units owned and managed by NIRHA are leased to low-income people on an income-based rental, or at a flat rental rate, depending upon what the resident chooses.

Housing Choice Voucher properties are owned and managed by private landlords who are willing to participate with the Voucher program.  NIRHA subsidizes part of the resident's rent to the landlord making the housing affordable for the resident.


Who can I contact regarding my status on the waiting list or regarding applying?
If you have any questions, you may contact Carrie at 641-423-0897 ext 2. This is the extension for receiving information regarding the waiting list. Please wait at least two weeks from the date of sending or dropping off your application before calling regarding the status of your application. This allows us time to properly review and process your application.


When you check your status on the waiting list, we can verify that you are active on the waiting list but you will not be given a number.

Are your waiting lists currently open?

Yes, our waiting lists are all currently open.


Note:  Waiting lists are opened and closed based on availability of units and the length of existing waiting lists. Closings will be posted on this website.


What is the current wait for the programs?
Currently the wait for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher is estimated to be six to nine months for applicants who can claim the Residency Preference. The wait for applicants without this preference is estimated to be several years.


The wait for Public Housing is dependent on when an unit is vacated. We cannot give a time frame for the waiting list for this program.